I don't know if it can be considered a book... It's something like a booklet or folder... This version is a test, a first attempt. I simply printed it on this special paper (in Portuguese it is called "couchê", no idea how to call it in English) and used paper clips... I want to try it with different papers and try to print it with a better machine. But the lack of quality was intentional until some point. I have more to say and ask you about it, but let me show it first... It is composed of cover, plus 6 pages, and back cover.





The idea is: I will print different versions and combinations of this draw in form of booklets. No booklet will be the same. I will print it using different papers (when possible), different organizations and in different printers machines. The signature on the last page will be handwritten directly on the booklet (in this test I didn't made it, the signature was also printed). I want to explore the different details and out of control aspects each printed item will show. I want to explore the aspects of the different papers and printers. I guess my idea would be to sell them so people would have unique physical pieces of this same group of images. I would like to keep one with me. In an ideal situation, I would like to ask people to keep records of the way each of these versions will age after 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years... and so on. Just random thoughts here.
The base will always be these seven versions of the same art. The raw image I begin with was this bad quality photo I took with my cellphone from a drawing that no longer exists properly (I threw the original in the trash months ago).

2020_10_11 15_30 Office Lens.jpg
I would always inform the model and brand of the printer machine used (the info would be written on the last page of each booklet).
Or I wouldn't sell... I would give away the different versions of the booklet to colleagues and friends... I don't know...
I really like the idea. Wonderful drawing too. What do you think of hand-stitching the binding? There is a simple stitch called a "saddle stitch" that is very easy you can do. It would be a nicer handmade element to this.

EDIT: Actually, I was thinking of a long stitch. Here is a tutorial.

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