Patagonian Cowboys


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I swear I like other photographers! I really do. Tomas Munita isn’t even one of my favorites....although...he’s certainly a good photojournalist. On his website, his photos are grouped by assignment (Syria, Rohingya, Cuba, etc.).

Here’s the best one: PATAGONIA

Check out the first picture, at least. Such a spectacular did he manage that POV? AND...the one with the guy with the bloody hand and the slaughtered guanaco at his feet and his three dogs surrounding him. Wow. Posed or not? AND...look into the eye of that feral bull that’s being tied between the trees. AND...the shot of the guy on the snowy mountain with his 6 dogs and the bloody paw prints is so beautiful and perfectly composed. AND...what a gorgeous shot in the green room, of the fat guy lighting his cigarette. AND...the one of the bagualeros at their camp amazingly captures the smoke in the “panes” of light.

AND...really...they’re ALL good. I guess the assignment was to convey a glimpse into the rugged life (where there’s no electricity) of these cowboys/gauchos/bagualeros. They certainly make for a good subject but Patagonia itself, makes an even better one, IMO. I had to look at a map to find it...on the southern tip of South America, between Argentina and Chile with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Atlantic on the other. Some say, it’s “the end of the world.” There are snowy mountains, icy fjords, dense forests, volcanos and lagoons, and wide-open fields and pastures. It’s obviously desolate and harsh, but is also devastatingly beautiful. I don’t’s devastating ME for some reason...and once again, these pictures (HIS pictures) have gotten under my skin...
Okay Olive. That image happens to remind me of one of my favorite photographers Terry Evans's aerial photos:



2. Terraced Terraced plowing, Saline County, Kansas 1990.jpg.CROP.original-original. Terraced ...jpg


7. East of Crosby, North Dakota, October 1997.jpg.CROP.original-original. East of Crosby, Nort...jpg

I looked through Tomas Munita's work as well as some of Terry Evans's work and both are excellent photographers! They even make mundane, every day objects into works of art! ❤
Yes, I really like Evan's work, too...especially the brown ones...for some reason. They all look like abstract paintings and also remind me of Edward Burtynsky who does what he calls "manufactured landscapes." Sometimes, I wonder if I should ever attempt a landscape painting but I'd never be able to do it justice. But maybe trying something very abstracted might be a way to "get in." But...I'm scared of the land...!

I can't seem to connect to that page, but we've been having connection problems here for a few days now. It SUCKS! I love the brown pieces of Evans's work too and they have inspired a number of my works, even though you'd never know it.

I will come back to this thread to check out Burtynsky. Thanks Olive.

Love it how we introduce each other to people's work here. ❤