Pamela Wilson and the Absinthe Drinkers


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Article about an artist who painted a series of absinthees. :)
It may or may not appeal to StLukes - I have no idea on how to properly evaluate figurative art.

Pamela Wilson and the Absinthe Drinkers

Yes... I'm certainly aware of Pamela Wilson. I follow her on Instagram as an artist employing the human figure, costumes, burlesque... a number of themes that I am interested in as an artist.



:) I like her work... although its a little too dark and tonal for my own taste. I lean toward work that is more high-key and employs a more saturated color palette... but that's just me. Again, quite good IMO.
I rather like the darker tones because it's different than what we may normally wee with this kind of rendering. It's excellent work and I love all the facial expressions and poses.

the expressions as Artyczar said I think they really hit.
I was also struck by the hand in the first portrait.
the theme, all strong.