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Here's a recent attempt at a quasi-abstract. C&C welcome. Thanks.
18x24 oil

Hey Susan, great piece. Ain’t seen pieces from you in a while....
The “in your face” position of the abstracted oyster is super and the colors are great.
Snoball - Thanks for the interesting comment. I start out thinking abstract and then inadvertently realism creeps in. Drives me crazy.
Arty - abstract surreal - sounds good! I've not been labeled surreal before. Thanks for the kind words.
laf.art - thanks so much!
Nufocus - you're right. Recently I have been creating lots of 'experiments' most of which I plan to paint over or throw out, so I haven't posted them. But I did have fun with the oyster and plan to do some more on the theme of close-ups of interesting patterns in nature.. Thanks for your comment!