Out Fishing

Best wishes and a speedy recovery 🍇

We were stuffing our faces at a fast food joint, when my daughter realised she had swallowed the tooth meant for the Tooth Fairy. Trying to make light of it, I said, "you better watch it doesn't bite your bum on the way out." I thought it was funny, and laughed. That's when she began bawling. Just in time for Mummy's arrival. "What have you said to her?"
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Speak for yourself Trier. 😁 Have you never heard the adage, "While the cat's away......................."?
I shoulda known that the minute I try to restrain myself some smarty girl would try to get me in trouble so she could run and tell !

Okay for you, Sno - me and the other guys will yell 'girls got cooties' the next time you go by !
Hi sno. Thanks for keeping track. I'm around. I am doing my 6-week post-op appointment today. I got set back a little because of a little infection. Nothing too bad. My healing is set back 2.5 weeks anyway because I take immunosuppressants, so I can't technically get back to work until the 8-9-week mark, but I have tried to do a little of this and that anyhow. Thank you for checking in on me! ❤️
Just take care of yourself and be careful not to overdo because set-backs are harder to overcome than the original ailment. ❤️
Thank you sno. I am being careful. It was just a stitch that wouldn't heal properly and now it's doing much better. I am going stir crazy though. I want to start working on a bigger painting, but I can't. If I feel like painting, I can only do little watercolors that are no bigger than 6 x 9 inches or so. :(

I'm watching a lot of dumb TV shows.