Open all night !


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This was a commission for a friend in Denmark. He is a collector of certain cartoon characters such as Donald Duck. He had given me a black and white sketch of Goldie by an artist named Rosa. I created a setting for the lady duck. The chair closer to us should have been a bit bigger ☺️. She was not meant to have legs but I painted them anyway because ...
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Good one ! I like it.
It has a little of the ambiance of that late night pool room/bistro of VVG but with the boss lady that runs the place that we all have met somewhere.
I kinda like that portrait on the wall as a stand-alone painting itself.
Wow... this is great. I love the humor and personality of it. I LOVE you gave her legs. What if she didn't have them the way you did them? It would not be the most perfect work that it is today. That pink is uber-awesome!
I don't believe it, what a wonderful work of art, couldn't ask for more.
fantastic, i love donald duck (and similar, I also like howard the duck), this work is one of the most beautiful things or the most beautiful that I have seen linked to the world of ducks