Old Stone Bridge - plein air


oil painter
This plein air is one of the daily paintings I'm doing this month. Temperature that morning was nice and not too cold. This river is not far from where I live so it was lovely to go paint a plein air of this old stone bridge. There were mostly people with their dogs walking on that bridge and my original idea was to add a dog or two there but changed my mind and added two birds. Sounded easier that way. 🤗 11x9 in, oil on canvas board.


on location photo:
I like the paint application. Rocks are well done. I think adding the far railing and the small foreground tree on the left would improve the composition.
P.Barrie, thanks! Those are good suggestions. I appreciate all help because I'm so blind when it comes to my own paintings.
👏👏👏 NICE! I especially like the addition of the fallen/broken branches. They really add to the piece.