Oil From Life: Red Plum Jam


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Oil From Life: Red Plum Jam 4x6" on Canson oil paper. C&C welcomed, thanks for looking! :)
2021-07-12 12.16.04.jpg
Cc. Hair in your paint, shape of bottle, shading of jam horizontally and the use white to express light. Not to worry, been painting over 40 years and still make many sizeable goofs. You will learn by observation and painting from life brings you closer to the truth. Once you know the truth then you can lie convincingly. Keep them coming, it's a fun journey unless you get serious.

A few minor details and you have it.
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Thanks! I appreciate your comments. The bottle's kinda goofy, huh!
Did you cut out hearts when you were a kid in school? You know, fold the paper draw a half and cut it out to open up into a full heart. I'm sure you did but if you didn't you can google it. Anyway .. you could make your bottle using the same method and use the line as a guide to keep your perspective. It's just another way to get the job done.
You're right, and yes I did, and often still do for such projects. (Didn't for this one, though.) This was a study meant to be completed in less than an hour--I'm working at working faster--so chose to not use a pattern for (most of these). I should have mentioned the palette colors, too--terra rosa, cad yellow, cobalt blue, and white. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement!
Like that Terra Rosa .. very rich color. A good choice of color for the plum jam. Hopefully I didn't get to zestful in my attempt to help.
Had to mix it with a bit of cobalt blue to get that color. No, not too enthusiastic at all. Though these are quick studies, I still want to be cognizant of the areas to watch, so improvement is ongoing. I expect to be doing a few more of these while waiting for both paint to dry and inspiration for the next big project. I do appreciate your eye and comments. Thanks.
This is a good reason why I joined Creative Spark: to learn from constructive critiques. It would be good to have more of this type of post. I can't add anything meaningful to the above responses, except to say I like and appreciate the combination of Warhol's and Morandi's approaches to the subject in this painting.
You've already had the critique so I'll just say the shape of the bottle is the main thing I notice, but the painting is very recognizable as a jar of Smucker's. :giggle: ❤️
I really like it and have to say I rather like the wonky shape of the jar. It gives it character even if that wasn't your intention. I probably would have removed the hair though. I really like this! ♥️
LOL, I would have removed the hair if I had seen it, too. Maybe that's a clue to the wonky drawing...
Hermes, thanks for your comments. Crits and comments are just very helpful, even I think, with alla prima work, which these studies are.
I have a lot to learn, and there's a lot to remember after it is learned. Maybe it's not learned until one doesn't have to "remember", but it comes "naturally". At any rate, I do appreciate the crits and keep them in mind for future pieces.
Sno, thanks. Smuckers it is!
Arty, thank you.
Joe1it, thanks to you too.
o_O Had it not been Smuckers I might have been less concerned in the C & C about reality! But! Everyone knows Smuckers so Smucker has to Smuck.
Hey ntl, like Hermes, I don't think I can add anything meaningful, but anyway I want to add a word in defense of 'wonkyness' as that is where I ,at least, spend a lot of my time and have learned to sorta accept it and enjoy it.
I suspect I am not alone in that regard, and besides, when you become famous it will probably be called 'character' or 'your style', from what I have been able to observe.

More seriously, I assume that sooner or later you will want to paint the surface of whatever your subjects are standing on, such as a table, floor or whatever, and I found that the shadows that connect the object to the surface add a lot but are not easy and require some study.

LOL, Wayne! Don't worry, I can't improve if I'm not aware of areas that need it!

Trier, Thanks for the support for "wonky-ness!" I suspect there will be more in my alla prima work even as I work at avoiding it.
WHAT! o_O eek! you mean I should have the subject standing on--SOMETHING--? Hmm. perhaps you're right... LOL! :)