Oil Bar Burro


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Oil Bar Burro WN Oil Bars on 9x12" Canson Oil Paper and knife, blending and smashing. Blended some color on palette first, then
applied. C&C welcome.
2017-07-11 10.52.40.jpg
Nice work with the knife, ntl! You handled your oil bars beautifully here. I like your burro and that background. Nice one!
Love the simplicity of the piece and the limited palette. Nice work!
Love the beautiful simplicity of this one. Your palette colours, style, and drawing all make a perfect fit for the subject. Great use of the heavier paint on the fur, too. These oilbars were discontinued before I got to try them, but they do look closer in softness to the R&F sticks.
I like this so much and have just read about oil bars in your other threads, which feature some really great work as well! I've never tried them but it looks like you know exactly how to handle them. The blending and smashing part sounds kind of fun!
Terri, moscatel, ams, QB, thanks!
Arty, Jo, Nufocus, thank you. I enjoyed painting him.
Triss, thanks. These WNs are way softer than the Kama, and I need the larger paper. My understanding is that they are not as quite as soft as the RFs. I don't remember why I put them away, other than I much prefer fluid mediums.
Donna, thanks for stopping and commenting, your kind words. They were fun to do.