New Fallen Snow


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I made a number of works building upon the theme of Snow White. I might as well post the painting I did immediately after Fallen Snow: New Fallen Snow. I did not begin with the Snow White theme in mind... rather I started with the idea of a pair of sisters... perhaps twins... seen in contrast: one frontal and one from behind:


This is one of the works that I took photos of at different stages. At this point I've erased the second figure several times. The figure on the right was seen in a pose inspired by a sculptural/architectural caryatid... a weight-bearing column in the form of a figure that dates back to classical Greece.


But I was looking at more recent variations in which the figures were portrayed holding the weight above them in their arms:


I think that I found the two figures standing parallel as far too static... thus I moved toward a contrast of one figure standing and one sitting:


I consciously chose to use a more Rubenesque or curvy figure.


By this stage (above) I've elected to employ the theme of Snow White again. I know I was looking at the American painter George Tooker a good deal at this time... especially his colors and use of simplified forms:




The hair on the seated figure (Snow) was simply too much in the stage above and distracting... drawing the eye away from the faces. I simplified it down to a single curl. For the standing figure I built upon the elegant hair-style from a drawing by the Rococo painter, François Boucher:


Unfortunately, the hair is too dark in all of the photos I have of New Fallen Snow so that none of the details can be made out clearly. But what do you expect when you take a painting that is 7 feet tall and reduce it down to 5 or 6 inches in height on a computer screen? There have been many times when I hadn't been in the studio for a while and I started to dislike my paintings based on the digital reproductions... but then I would get back into the studio and find myself thinking: "You know, these aren't half bad. In fact they look a lot better in real life."😄 That may be an advantage of having a studio at home. In spite of the diminutive scale, I pass by a couple of these paintings every day.


After the paintings was nearly complete I felt it needed something. The stocking were added to give a little more graphic punch with an increased use of black. I was also unsatisfied with the passive pose of the seated figure with her hands in her lap. I just happened to have a pair of hedge shears sitting in the studio and I just thought they'd be perfect. One of my studio mates suggested that the painting might take on a new "edge" if the standing figure were male... Lorena Bobbitt perhaps? 😜 I could have made the necessary changes... but I felt that would be too obvious. As it was, I felt the shears conveyed a degree of danger in contrast to the soft naked bodies and open around the single long curl of hair.


At this point I felt that Snow's facial features were too small for her face... and she needed to make some sort of eye contact with the standing figure... so I fully reworked her face... and then the painting was done!



-A few details. Again the hair looks so dark... almost black... in the photograph so that you can't see much detail there. I'll have to get around to taking better photos one day. The quality of the digital camera and/or cell phone camera used in photographing my works in the past is far below what I have access to now.
Nice SLG. I really like that you made the figure on the right more full figured. They are beautiful together.