Mini Pearl Resting


Mini Pearl Resting.jpg

8.5x6 watercolor on Color-Sketch colored 140 lb CP paper over pencil sketch of new studio kitty done today. I used the last page in the Color-Sketch book of paper purchased from artist Judi Betts. The paper is a pale yellow tint. Pearl was resting on my leopard covered ottoman and her white fur was a nice contrast against that pattern and the shag rug diagonal design.
Now that's sweet!
And yes, a nice memory. Congrats to you both on your new cat and her new home.
Splendid work Kay. You are so brave about brightly coloured patterns (which I would shy away from!). The cat is painted beautifully too. I agree, her pale fur and eyes really do make a nice contrast with the bright, busy pattern. You have such an eye for composition too.