Little Bay In Burgeo, Nfld



11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. Brush/Knife
.. such a little town so far from the main of things but still has the old Nfld community spirit.
Ref: a photo I took on our trip to Nfld a few years ago
I feel like I commented on this, but I guess it was in my head (because I look at the forum from my phone sometimes before coming onto my computer later), but this is really wonderful Wayne. I love how these colors are contrasted in this one. :)
Thank you Sno .. yes, it was a melancholy day. Spats of sunshine, spats of cloud. Peaceful quiet day.

Thanks Ayin .. wonder you have a head at all with all the threads you read in order to know what is happening on your site. Tip of the hat for your efforts. The colors are not behaving on this as they are far more harmonious. I must see if I can get a better pic but sometimes that don't work.
Another beautiful use of colour and contrast matched with that wonderful knifework of yours and you have an excellent painting. Yes it has been years since I have been to The Rock ( Newfoundland) and remember the little fishing towns fondly. Such a wonderful pace and beautiful scenic surroundings.
Thank you John. I was born there and spent the first 18 years of my life there. Had to leave for work but still go back now and then to visit. Unfortunately you can never go back because people change. Still beautiful but the atmosphere isn't what is stored in your memories. Sad really, but that's life.
Thanks for this, beautiful. We spent 9 or so summers in Canada and did not make it to Nfld or PEI. Great folks, thanks for the memories ... almost.
Thank you Queen.
A natural comp compliments of the bay.

Thank you Donna.
I stole it all from nature.

Thanks Jo.
The Atlanics are beautiful. They have not grown at such a fast rate and that makes them cleaner and the people more community minded.
If those colors are closer to the original piece, I don't like it anymore. Ha ha ha ha, just kidding. It's still gorgeous. ♥️
Beautiful, Wayne! Good call to get that second photo, it's brighter and probably does better justice to this painting. I'll bet it's even better in person. Gorgeous sky and I love that foreground palette! ❤
Both have their charms, Wayne, but I guess we all know how frustrating it is when the photo is not what we see IRL.