"Life" Drawing?


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I've been on a bit of a sabbatical from Creative Spark... and social media in general... for several reasons. Foremost among these was the fact that I was a bit overwhelmed with all that was involved in heading back into the actual physical classroom after having spent most of the year teaching online.

School let out last week and I was able to head up into my home studio and finish my latest painting. At least I think it's finished. I'm toying with adding a few details so time will tell.

I'm working on ideas for the next big painting. At the same time, I'm thinking about doing a body of "life drawings" in preparation for the bigger and more involved work. There's an artist I've followed for some years on social media who does just that. Daniel Maidman paints some lovely finished paintings with the figure... often the nude:


In between these paintings, he does lots of drawings... frequently based on photographs of models he comes upon on social media. He gets permission from both the models and photographers and credits both in his drawings:






The resulting works are quite lovely IMO. There are several other artists who do something similar. One graphic artist that I particularly admire, Kaethe Butcher, does her more complete prints/drawings which straddle elements from Klimt, Beardsley, and Schiele...


Her drawings... also based upon photos from social media... also suggest elements of Asian art...

unnamed (2).700.jpg

unnamed (7).700.jpg


The drawings by both of these artists prove that in the hand of a skilled artist, drawing from photographs can be just as artful as drawing from life. In fact, I would argue that contrary to the usual thinking, the viewer cannot always discern a drawing made from photography from a drawing from life. Of course, both of these artists have extensive experience working from life and avoid mimicking the look of a photograph. And admittedly, working live from the model always has the added element of rapport and collaboration with another person... the model.

Just some thoughts...
Great work in my opinion.
I like to work from photo reference too (no where near this level mind you), if anything it´s practical.
In my neck of the woods I have no access to life drawing sessions with models. Also I like to draw/paint animals, the advantages of using reference photo´s are very obvious.
In this day and age there is this huge access too this kind of material. Of course I only use free domain references, own pics, or ask permission.
But on a very personal level, drawing from life does give me a certain extra satisfaction, but that has little to do with how the finished product looks.
It's great to see you back along with the astoundingly beautiful images from artists I have never heard of.