Let Us Now Praise Lalique


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Rene Lalique was the greatest Art Nouveau artist who ever lived.

He just chose to express himself through bijouterie, jewelry. His renderings alone are small masterpieces, and as for the work itself, it just boggles the eye and the mind. Unlike Faberge, Lalique was capable of doing it all by himself.

Perhaps this should have been posted in Art History, since he was the driving force behind the whole movement, but they really are sculptures, relief or in the round.





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What a wonderful discovery!

These are stunning pieces that I didn't even know existed. All I knew of Lalique was that he made a prized crystal radiator cap ornament for one (or more) of the magnificent automobiles of the period, which I cherish. It might have been a Packard V-12, but I remember that the ornament was thought to be more valuble than the automobile itself.

Why I did not discover them when studying up on L C Tiffany (who could do it all) and Faberge, is a mystery to me, and my loss. Better late than never.

Thanks for posting them.
Those are absolutely amazing. There are about 3 there that I would wear in a heartbeat. Yes, yes, I know I could never afford them. 😜
A famous Noveau bracelet designed by Alphonse Mucha and made by Lalique's rival Georges Fouquet for Sarah Bernhardt.

Can you spell sexy?

It is sexy alright but my favorite of the whole bunch is that very first pendant.
Yes, that one is very beautiful. The figure is ivory, the leaves enamel. But I'm not sure about the pendant stone-- could be a cat's eye moonstone. Lalique was known for using what were considered at the time to be "common" semi-precious gems, opal in particular.
wonderful .
I like to see Faberge's eggs.
I didn't know all of this, they are beautiful and impressive (the last 2, the first 5 are my favorites).
nice to see them and hear some material, thanks.
A bit late to respond, but for some strange reason I only saw this thread now. Lalique is also one of my great heroes. My ex wife and I own a few original pieces signed by him.