Queen Bee

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9"x12" drawing paper pencil
Lemon drawing 005.jpg
Great drawing... somehow you got on my ignore list and I don't know how. I must have accidentally hit something but I don't know what. Sorry.
Very well done! Now do it in color. ;)
Thanks Sno. I don't do that many drawings because I absolutely love color. Maybe if I ever find the time I can do this in color. You wouldn't believe how many references I have accumulated waiting to be done.
Really nicely done Deborah with nice attention to shading and lights and darks working off one another for effect.
Great job.
John (y)
This is really good. I like the detail on the lemons and the contrast of that dark shadow on the left. :)
I would think this must have been kind of hard to do without color. Lemons are so colorful, after all. Very nice!