Latest Portrait Commission


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I don't think I've posted this one. I've been so busy lately that when I go in the door, I meet myself coming out the door. :giggle: Anyway this is the latest commission. I've been finished with it for about a week or so.


The colors are not true with the camera so here is what would fit on the scanner to show the color more closely.
I was not going to sign on but this is too good to pass ... Beautiful .. what a beautiful little smirk to go with those big blue eyes. Well done Sno.
A little radiant beauty..Excellent as always.

Hope things are improving with you, sno.
What an adorable little girl. I like how you did her hair. Those little wisps and highlights are perfect. I love her blue eyes too. I'm sure her family is delighted.
Wonderful portrait! I find young children quite challenging (no markers like wrinkles etc) You made it look so easy. I bet the recipients will be over the moon!
Thank you so much, Jessie, Perry, Jo and Bethany. I appreciate all the nice comments. ❤️❤️❤️❤️