Last two aluminum foil image transfer experiments


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This means I've used up the cheap and bowed canvas panels I picked up at Blick's. ;) I'm enjoying this process but it's hard to go through the exercise on a bowed-out panel. Bah! But, I learned a lot so will be having a play on this again with better substrates.

These two are also from infrared film negatives that I scanned and printed onto cheap copy paper. I remembered to get some close-up shots at oblique angles to show the texture and off sheen from the foil.


Crops IT resized.jpg

At a bit of an angle:

Crops closeup 3.jpg

Hay field:

Hayfield IT resized.jpg

This one has some divots and other bumpy fun:

Hayfield closeup 2.jpg

That's it for now - thanks for looking! :)
These are just so beautiful, Terri! The bumps and wrinkles and torn edges enhance the natural feel and I think they would lose something special if they were perfectly smooth. These are such a great way for you to feature your photos!
I agree that the small imperfections in the foil are only enhancements. These are so cool!!!! I especially love the hay field. I think your are so inventive and talented Terri. ♥️
Donna, Ayin - thank you both for the comments! ❤️

Thanks to all who took a look. :)
It’s the studies that produce lights down the line. Your inquisitions don’t go without merit. Like the rolling fields.
Just love the texture and the whole result! Like me, you use up everything. I just cannot waste anything.
Wayne, Sno, Jo, Joy - thank you all! :)

Joy, you're right - even though those canvas boards were bowed, I went ahead and did my experiments. Knowing they were already kinda ruined gave me a feeling of freedom. :LOL: