Know Her, a list of 20 groundbreaking artists

maybe only Camille Cluadel I had heard of once, in a program, I am looking at her sculptures, they are wonderful, I read that years ago they made a film there. film which helped to make it known
it must be a very interesting film
I knew most of them. I have always liked Louise Nevelson, especially for her use of colour (black.) I am surprised Georgia O'Keefe is only mentioned and not included in the main list.
I really like Modersohn-Becker. Her paintings strike me as very honest, somehow. I also like what I've seen of Schjerbeck and I like Lempicka's style. I'm ashamed to say that I'm not at all familiar with the others on the list.

I also like Gabriele Münter and Emily Carr, who I think fall on that timeline.