Knife and brushes


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Sea foam,
20x24, think...
I really like this ! It looks great no matter which end is up.

The colors, patterns and composition are terrific, IMHO.
Thank you,
I kind of like it too. I had kept it hanging this way for a while. Now it is in my storage. Maybe I should hang it sideways for a little while. 😸
This turned out GREAT! I like it on the vertical though, but it's nice to play around with it. It's ALIVE with color and feels like everything is moving and swimming. It makes me feel positive. I needed that. Thank you. :)
My dragon won’t sleep! Painted this one using different tools. Knife, credit card and brush. The first was a gift to my friend in Vancouver.
The second is Be Water.
Both are 24x30

Both of these are great. I too, save old credit cards for paint but usually just to apply gesso to a canvas quickly. :giggle:
These are amazing! Emphasis on zing! And I like the title, Be Water. Like Chuang tzu or Bruce Lee. Your dragon is on fire.