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I'm having a good time learning about abstract painting. This one started out with bright colors and odd shapes that kept insisting on looking like microorganisms and blood cells. I used to work in hospital labs looking at things under a microscope so maybe that's where it came from. Anyway, I decided it wasn't what I wanted so I sprayed it down with Spectra Fix pastel fixative and let it drip and run. Much better! I left bits and pieces of the original showing through. I like the textural effect that resulted plus it taught me to keep going and not give up too soon. Soft pastel on heavy watercolor paper with pumice gel. 10x10 in.


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This turned out beautifully, Donna! I love your colors.

It's amusing to me to read how your experiences looking through a microscope may have influenced your designs - I prepped and looked at many slides, too, once - long ago. I think back on some of the things I saw, and they actually would make interesting shapes and blobs.

I'm enjoying seeing the pumice, too! 👍 Great colors and textures.
It has nice balance. I actually see an angel fighting fish swiming in the murky waters. The bullet hole under the fish really adds interest. Keep your motivations and success from yesterday as the beginning of tomorrow's. It's learning how to develop on what we have learned. It's a nice piece.
Abstract is not my thing but I do enjoy looking at some of them.
I like your design here and I think the colors work well together.
Enjoy your adventures in abstract.
Absolutely beautiful texture! Love that you found a way to continue working with it and turn it toward what you wanted. The result is wonderful.
I see how this is biology/cell related before you would have mentioned it. I am also inspired by such things. This is beautiful on both a micro and macro level. ❄️
It could also be distant galaxies and nebulas, which I like looking at. Love the colours and patterns.
Thanks Terri - it sounds like we both should have done some sketching while we were looking at slides!

Thank you Susan. I appreciate it.

Wayne, I was doing well keeping the shapes from becoming things until the fish appeared. :oops: I just couldn't destroy it. Bullet hole, huh? That's interesting! Thank you.

Perry, abstract is not my thing either! I just feel the need to do some exploration and not have any expectations of success. Thanks.

Thanks Jo, the fish survived the first attempt so I decided he deserved to stay. If you haven't played with Spectra Fix yet it's a lot of fun.

Thank you Trier!

Triss, I'm glad the texture is appealing. I hope to apply some of what I did here to landscapes. Thanks.

Thanks Arty, I can see this as a micro and macro view too. I get awe-struck when I think about how our cells move through our vascular system and how if you look down on busy freeways they look much the same.

Penny, Yes distant galaxies are there too! There is a massive goldfish moving through doing who knows what up there.:) Thank you.