Just finished this one...


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16 x 24 oil on canvas. Thank you for looking and any c and c!
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Well, well, Bizzy, your strokes of color are progressing quite nicely. I see you had trouble with the water but your foliage is strong. A little c is edges. this is really nice. I see a little Czan and Vincent.
another very beautiful work
a curiosity, the size, the measure,
16x 24 inches? or cm ? , maybe the site implies inches
Arty, (or as my tablet seems to insist I call you, Party!), you are too kind.Thank you!

Bongo, thank you - that man is a wonderful artist, indeed. If my palette, and nothing else, comes only a little close to his, I am happy. He uses such lovley colours! Thank you for introducing him to me.(y)