Is it too Late


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This is just an idea I had. I was never completely satisfied with it but it makes a statement. I may someday work on it some more.
I like it. If you leave it the way it is, it can be a kind of optimistic path to life out of a barren, apocolypic world?
it is a powerful work, I think it has great strength, a cry, a strong message and the execution is so beautiful,
and the lower part of the work is so beautiful and bright.

perhaps also for the title what I saw in the work, in the picture is the present, dark clouds, chimneys, stucco tree etc etc are 99.9% of the current world (yes, I am an incurable optimist :LOL: :ROFLMAO::p ); seen, Observed by the remaining 0.01 Percent (which is splendid having kept its magic and beauty intact, it is always beautiful but it is therefore a smaller space) that has become an anthropomorphic figure who looks at everything that surrounds him now.

If I continue to observe or think, I wonder what the figure thinks, what will happen.
Maybe, it's probably bitter, maybe it's going to cry or scream, maybe it's going to run away, look for refuge, or maybe react.

But sorry for the long comment, the reason why I wanted to comment and that I was pleased to say that I liked it, it impressed a lot and thank you for showing it to us.
I think it is already such a great privilege that the forum allows, media allows, to be able to say that one appreciates a work and to thank.