Is it possible?


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Is it possible to remove 'matte final varnish' from a picture? I put white acryl on wooden surface, next I put transfer paper picture and vernish on top. Unfortunatelly, after a time vernish got yellow, now I want to remove it.
I doubt you can remove the varnish without damaging the paper picture.
Are you sure it's the varnish that got yellow? Unless it was acid free paper there's a chance that the paper itself yellowed. Most printer paper is not acid free.
Thank you for replies!
I am sure that vernish got yellow because in a bottle it got yellow too. Any suggestions how to remove and what to use?
Maybe try some mineral spirits and then if that doesn't work maybe try acetone. But before doing any of that I would google "How to remove varnish from paintings" Let us know what it says.
I'm going to try remove a small piece for beginning. Tell me please what is the least aggresive: white spirit, turpentine oil, mineral spirit, acetone.