Do you follow a lot of people on Instagram? How many, and are they mostly other artists? I follow like 600 people and most of them are other artists that inspire me, friends and such. There are also galleries and art advisors. They don't all show up in my feed of course, but maybe 100 or so do. I rarely comment (but I try) and just "heart" on the images I like each morning. I try to post one image a day, but they are very rarely new.

What about you?
I have an Instagram account and "follow" a duke's mixture of professions and non-professions but I seldom post and very rarely check on the other posts. I mostly stay with facebook, getting more and more disgusted daily with it.
I am not on any social media, but coincedently, only yesterday I was again thinking of signing up to Instagram. I guess I am fearful of showing the little work I have. When I began looking to publish writing, poetry, something in that killed it for me.
I don't remember if 400 or 600, all artists, apart from 5 or 10 which are either reference sites, models or photographers.

I was not on istagram, but then I read that in recent years the artist whose works or tutorials I saw on the forum wetcavan no longer published on the forum but published on istagram then I started using it, one artist leads to another so when I read other accounts I added them in the same way, and then many directly on istanzam, in a few days they were 10 times more and then 10 times more, I put like and comments on the works I saw and admired,
I did not think I would publish, occount was free, since I followed various figure artists I thought it was better to private account when I discovered that there was such a possibility and a 10 people who had started to follow.

for figuary, to say that I liked the initiative, which had remained free for this year even if the site had become paid I had thought of publishing for the first time, but I made another account even if starting from that email, from that account, there now i follow 40 or 50 people, it was more to post, i posted 8 times, some after figuary figures,
doubt was and is about the nickname and whether to publish or not, I don't know (publish here or wetcavans I find it as something more intimate, like between friends, social networks, it's different), I then came up with an idea to challenge myself, that is
see if a higher number of people could decide to follow my drawings or they preferred not to see them, I lost, where I published I have a follewer, where I do not publish, some requests arrive beyond those 10, it would be 30 or 35 against one.
but it is beautiful for art, to be able to see and then comment and like
Iain, when I first got on insta, I wanted to mostly publish writing so I'd make little things in Photoshop with some art and some snippets of writing on's just that it got hard to make one of those everyday (time consuming) and I didn't keep it up for very long. But I was thinking of the things you post in the text and photo thread. That would be so cool! :)
Yes, thank you. You have encouraged me. I was thinking I could link to here. Most, if not all, of the posts in the Photography thread were posted as I thought of them. "Variable quality " as it says on the packet. 🙂
I'd make little things in Photoshop

I was thinking of how much more I could do if I was of a mind to master all of this different software (like with craft skills, where does it end?). With my inherent ineptitude, I even considered using a whiteboard marker on the screen rather than the software!
Speaking of software, I did get Scribner after you guys mentioned it. And it's great, sure, but shame mine didn't come with a brain inside the box to make use of it's full capacity. 🤣

See, I even cocked up this post!
I recently started using Behance and follow some artists there. I am enjoying it. Not as much as this forum, though.
I am not on Instagram. Bad enough I finally gave in about a year ago and got a facebook account ( here in Iceland about everything around me including work related stuff goes over f-book, sadly). I keep participation on that platform as minimal as possible.
Nope, no website either (do you think I need one, this is a real question btw, no sarcasm...😉)
I don't like FB much, the shitty way their algorithms push questionable content etc.
Apart from that, what I dislike on a practical level is how content appears and disappears , seemingly at random. It can be really difficult or impossible to find stuff again, no idea if and how many people are reached.
What recently irked me is a change where even the groups you are in just show selected posts, not eveything posted in that group, and of course FB makes the selection...
I have been told instagram has also such issues.
It's why I like the forum format as this one so much, it's organised and searchable. You know where the posted content is (and stays) be it your own or that of other members.
I appreciate your support about this forum by the way.

Facebook owns Insta, so they have similar underhanded practices and algorithms, however, I'm still on Instagram and post one random painting a day. I left Facebook a few years back because I didn't like the set-up of the platform in general. All the people chattering.

Personally, I think ALL artists need a website and don't understand why they wouldn't have one, but that is my personal opinion. Our business (or even if it's not a business) is all about a visual endeavor to show and share with others our work. I think it should be displayed in the best way possible and in a clean and designed manner with information about the artist that people can easily see. People like knowing about the artist and like to look at the works, especially if they are put together in ways that make sense, like in series and such.
With my art account I don't follow a lot of people but rather tags, so I see the subjects I'm interested in. I have about 350 real users I follow (most from when that account was mixed with my personal). It is partly because I wanted to keep the figures pretty - the followings vs folllowers ratio.

With my private account and other accounts I just follow anybody I'm interested in.

But I have been becoming more sceptical to Instagram (and Facebook) overall with time. I don't even think most of my followers get to see my posts. Instagram have said they are not longer an image-service but rather want to focus on video. It feels like they want to be TikTok, Snapchat and Youtube - but not themselfs. The service format promotes people that do the same thing over and over again, without changing - and better if you were was early on the service. Also I'm not fond of the company, Meta, and the way social media works on our minds.

I have about 860 followers, and posted a drawing on Instagram in August. It god about 100 interactions in a month - in the place where I work hard to be seen. On a whim I posted the same drawing on a couple of reddit-forums and got 10 000 interactions in on day.
Wow! I never even thought about posting anything on reddit. Maybe that's the way to go? I've been on Instagram for many years and only have about 1400 followers, which my peers have triple that. They get tons of interactions and I just don't get it, except that maybe they spend a lot more time on it than I do?
Wow! I never even thought about posting anything on reddit. Maybe that's the way to go? I've been on Instagram for many years and only have about 1400 followers, which my peers have triple that. They get tons of interactions and I just don't get it, except that maybe they spend a lot more time on it than I do?
Yeah, I posted on
There are also more troll comments and such though, but the interaction was like night and day to Instagram. And the Art subreddit is moderated.

I've been using Instagram for several years and have ≈860 followers. It's not well suited if one (like me) are slow to produce and try different things. And some images just doesn't work well in that format, even if they are great art. The attention span of Instagram users are short (I notice that with myself when I'm browsing there too).

With that said, I'm still going to try continuing on Instagram, lol. But I try different platforms too.
I try to post one image a day, but they are mostly past work. I work very slowly, so they are hardly new works. You are right about their attention span being short. Thanks for the subforum connection on reddit.
I've used reddit a little bit but for art its mostly just to get ideas. There's only a few artists i've noticed on their who's work I really like. Also the way its set up with all of the sub forums.... Well lets just say following an artists who's work you like on there can lead to you finding out much more then you wanted to about the artist.
As for Instagram I'm never used it.