Ingrid & Brenda

Dave Woody

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30cm x 20cm acrylic on cheap canvas

Two good friends ... there is no chance of me painting a portrait of them, but this captures something.

Two of the many school friends I hold dear.
in a limited way you have captured the joy of a friendship .. that is very good. Personally, I so not need the captions to get that.
Thank you Enyaw, you've inspired me to think about doctoring it once I pass it on to Brenda When she's not looking, I might 'white out' the captions....
Nice one Dave.
I have friends like that, but I have my best friend of over 60 years and I still can’t figure out what is in his head at times.
So...painted over the 'Ingrid and Brenda' and now...two abstracty flowers.

The faces from the original are still just visible, but if one didn't see the original, they are just background.