In the Head or in the Art (The Genius Delusion)


2 eyes.
Ink on A2 paper

In the Head or in the Art (GD).jpg

GD Drtail1.jpg

GD Detail2.jpg

Chimonobambusa tumidissinoda
Walking Stick Bamboo.jpg
Thank you Artyczar! I hope you managed to really take a day off yesterday...
Really well done. I get the impression of theater curtains for the yellow sections.
Hi sno, thanks. The yellow parts stem from the symbolistic drawing of a bat. The blotting of the black lines within the yellow is supposed to represent magnification. I planned to add a third yellow area to balance it out but I got taken up in the moment. It is a good thing I am not commissioned to do portraits 😄

In the head or in the art, refers to one's shifting perception of a WIP, and the emotions experienced through those perceptions.


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nice job, i like it, the symmetrical jobs you do are amazing and in sheets of sizes that i find intimidating (a3 i find it already immense)