Imposter Syndrome

Me, I deal with it by assuming I have already been exposed as imposter. Humiliating, perhaps, but it also sets me completely free to do as I please, because I have no reputation left to protect. :D
Whichever. It was just wrapped up as an all-in-one term to describe all the feelings.
Feelings come and go.

A syndrome is lasting. At least seemingly.
Syndromes are not technically lasting, no. They can be, but not typically. They have the capability for change.
???? It's just a condition with the symptoms that are listed in the article. You don't need a surgeon or something. You can seek a mental health professional, or change your perspective (if you have that ability).
Exactly what? It's not a mental illness if that's what you are trying to get at. It is probably based on low self-esteem, which could be caused from depression, and if you can't seem to fix it by changing your perceptive, perhaps you can consult a therapist. No where in the article does it say you must.
Whatever. You should take it a little more light heartedly. (I think.) The article is to help some artists that feel this way, maybe you're just not one of them. You have a lot of confidence I gather. Many of us lose that sometimes. ❤️
I sometimes doubt. But I don't make it a syndrome.

I wait for confidence…
Just a tendency of modern times.

Everything is a syndrome…

The use of syndrome in Imposter Syndrome is not to be used literally, just like the use of Imposter. It is not a technical term.

Have you ever tried to snort noodles?

I think I have embraced the imposter in me by turning my insecurities, my so-called inadequacies, into virtues.
Not that I have any recognition to live up to, thank god, as I have been on intimate terms with anxiety. Even spent time unable to face the world. I can do lockdown standing on my head. And that is how I wrote this.
Yes, I think that is where art comes in, to compensate. I like that you said that, not the fact that you lack confidence. 😁
Being a good artist requires being critical and that can be difficult for the ego. Make a perfect photorealist work? Ahhh, it's just craft. Make an ab-ex abstract? Anyone can slop paint around. Paint a plein air landscape? Dime a dozen and they all look the same. Get creative and paint something wild? Good, but no one's going to buy it so why am I doing this. I'm just posing as artist. etc etc. Probably nothing else causes more inward criticism, except maybe the stupid thing you said on that zoom meeting yesterday.

So all this causes doubt, fear and anxiety. And that's good. For the art, if not the artist, because it means you're being critical. It spurs one on to make a photo-realist work with soul, or an ab-ex with skill, or a landscape that looks unique.

But what do I know? I'm an amateur closeted poser artist imposter. Heck, if I had to make a living at it I would paint cottages with golden light pouring of the windows or Elvis on black velvet and I would forget all the other BS. But I couldn't even do that.
Well... one might always consider Robert Hughes' adage:

"The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize."

One of my studio partners suggested: "I'm a painter; I make images and objects. I'll let others decide whether it's Art or not."

While I'm no fan of Warhol, he made a similar statement: "Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art."

Years ago I wouldn't have accepted such ideas... now I just might.