I'll Have A Blue Blue Day



Wayne Gaudon Canadian Artist Alla Prima Oil Painting
Painte on Paper 11 x 14 inches on Mar 20/23
Thank you Ayin and Bart.

Yes, Ayin, most of our snow has gone. I have a few photos from a couple of dumpings we got earlier and had not gotten in the mood to paint.
Thanks, I'll have one, too! In fact, I'll take this very one! ;)

This is sky perfection. Your blues and grays in the foreground are lovely. Cold and perfect blues!
Thank you Terri
bty .. you make me feel good .. I'm not the only one who can't proof read. ;)

You gotta love the blues: we are all born with them.
Ever wonder why new babies cry when first they open their eyes?
Thank you Sno. Actually, I have noticed that lawns around here mostly stay green all winter. I do remember as a kid all greens went dead.
This was from a photo from our last snow. We only had 3 dumps this year and within a two week period they are gone. It's been a weird winter with no snow. One in Jan, one in Feb, and Mar has had about 3 or 4 but of course they don't stay.

Thank you Sanlynn and Flowercat.