If you have to ask .. 24/08/2020



11 x 14 Oil on Panel Alla Prima .. Fragments Of Another Man's Views On Art.
I see a lot of Cezanne too, much more abstracted...I'm liking this. Is this a new direction? If so, it's very original and fresh. I love the composition and the brush technique.
Thank you Laf and Arty. Not so much a new direction, just looking down different avenues lately. I simply dissected a Cezanne piece, put different pieces where ever and then tried to make a composition based on colour and reshaping a few shapes.
It should be in the abstract forum but for some reason unknown to me, I put it here.
Great result, inspiring.
I tried this a couple of times but they didn't turn out anywhere near as good as this.
Good one!
Thank you...I did not try to put the exact picture planes in different places as I probably used one piece 3 or 4,times. It was more about color than line.
See, I wouldn't think that. I would think this was all about the line, but there you go. You mastered the line without even trying. That's the best way to do that.
...coloured lines .. a line is a path .. color is a path. Follow the red, the blue, or the yellow and the end is the beginning