House In New Roads - study


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This is the second time I am trying an acetate overlay to modify an existing painting.

Lesson: Secure the acetate and painting together firmly, so the acetate layer doesn't shift while working on it, and don't rest your hand while painting so as to smear on the acetate!
Elemental, but that's my level.

11 x 14 acrylic + some pastel on paper for the basic painting, and watercolor and acrylic on the acetate.
P1010101New Roads House.JPG

The house has since suffered severe fire damage and maybe demolished by now. Focus trouble wih the camera = blurry.
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Very bright. That is an interesting technique for modification. What do you think of it and could you explain more or include photos?
I love this image. I would like to understand this better. The acetate is permanent? How do you keep it on the painting and what surface is the painting originally on? I've only worked with acetate in terms of silkscreening, and have only "overlayed it" once in a sort of obvious way to add text on top of an existing painting.
sno & Arty -

I am using Dura-Lar made by Grafix which they sell as a an alternative to straight acetate. They say it is a proprietary combination of Mylar and acetate.

Their website is ;
It has a ton of information and explanation of the various kinds and uses of Duralar and you really should check it out to understand, because it is far beyond me to explain it all. I just found out that they have links to a lot of videos on Utube that are very interesting.

I am using it now to see how a painting can be modified or developed by painting or marking the options on the duralar while it is on top of the painting.
So far, I have used Scotch Tape, masking tape and/or clamps to hold it in place.

That is obviously just for working on a painting and not as a permanent part of it.
However, it seems many artists use it in layers to make a permanent multi-layered painting or drawing with stunning results.

I am going to try to attach some quick and dirty photos of what I have done with the two paintings I have posted before.

I have used the matte type and the wet media type and am excited about the possibilities, and what has already been done using this product. One thing I found was that pastels would not really totally erase or wash off, at least the way I try to do it.

Just what I need, another art product that I can't live without and must stock up on !

But I think it will be well worth it, because I have needed an easier way to try out a color or passage/figure before making the final decision.
The fact that for most media it is erasable, and able to be washed off, so as to allow repeated use is a great plus.

There may be other members of our site that use this product and it would be good to hear their experiences.





Neat-O! Thanks for the explanation. So it's a "trial" piece, not a permanent addition. Makes great sense! I could use some now for my project...
Thanks for sharing the information. There might be many uses for this. I can see Arty making a multi-layered work with it too. I'm going to try and restrain myself from buying some to play with. I could start an art supply store now and sure don't need to add to my stash! 😁
Thank you for sharing this process Trier. I already have some acetate here and might try this. I have a million other things to play with though. This would be just another task at this point, so I'd have to wait until the urge grabs me. I feel like I never have time for stuff like this, but I do really like the idea. Soon, I'll be working on paper again, so it might come into the picture.

I love what you've done with this. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️