Here's a good idea


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-- that I came across on a Youtube. not a new idea, I've seen it done with a piece of mylar, etc. But I like this execution, quick clean, you can move it around comparing different parts of the painting without touching work on the easel, easy to clean, and reusable.


also it's one of those things you happen to see, just when you need it. Been painting in oils lately so if I want to test a color, I just put a dab on the canvas and if it's not right, wipe it off. So, I'm doing something in acrylic now, put on a dab of test color, and it was dry before I could wipe!
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Anything that helps get the right color is so helpful. Thanks for this, Bongo. Most of my acrylic work is thick with texture and it's not all intentional because I keep covering up the wrong color until I get one I like!