Here goes....


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First thread post here - hope it works! From an image from the RIL, from you know where! Thanks for any c and c and for looking!
Wow, thanks for your first post! That is a gorgeous painting! :)
I was going to say there is a lot of attention to details here. I can tell you took the time and mindfulness to make this beautiful. It is!
Well I am pleased it had that effect, Iain. Thank you!
Snoball, that you for your kind words!
Artyczar that you very much indeed!
Looking good Bizzibee. The midground is strong.
The shapes in the background sky seem undefined, somewhat effectual. The foreground rocks don’t feel solid.
Thank you for your comments Patrick. Those rocks bugged me. I will have another look at them.

Maybeanartist, thank you for taking the time to comment on my work. I appreciate it!