Her eyes were the epitome of perpetual delight, 2018


2 eyes.
This piece of art went untitled. It didn't deserve one. It was sent straight to bed without supper.

I can't recall making it, nor scribbling, "The most limited are the most creative. Support your local sewage farm." Maybe I didn't. Maybe there is a housebreaking nightstalker with artist pretensions on the loose?

Her eyes smiled.

I am a big fan of pink, so I really like this one. Don't put it to bed. Wake it up and take it for a walk around the block. Wake your neighbors and show her off. It's really cool! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Somehow I missed this one. That green is delicious and the pink just complements it perfectly. Good stuff. (y) ❤️
Thanks sno. I think the combo, in my mind, goes back to when I was five years old and being shown a French Foreign Legion uniform. That's something i have just recalled!
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Thanks joe! The title comes from something I wrote eons ago, about a girl in my class at high school. 😊
Thank you! I really do appreciate your comments.

Jocelyn, I cannot divulge that information. I had to kill the last person I told, and I was nearly caught when the dog brought a thigh bone in from the garden as the vicar and I were sitting for afternoon tea. I almost spat a good mouthful over His representative.

My recent approach has been digital, through the camera, small scale, but I am enjoying it. About time. This could be the last furlong. 🙂