Hello, I am glad I found this place


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Hi everyone! This seems to be a congenial group of artists, so I'm happy I found you all. I am a retired organic chemist, now enjoying a second life as an amateur painter, sculptor, and photographer. I am particularly interested in the chemistry of the pigments and binders used in artist's paints. My other main interests are classical music, furniture design, and architecture.

I am currently doing some oil paintings for family members, but I'm also designing a new garden sculpture in concrete for my daughter's house. Since I am computer literate, my usual workflow is to use 3D software like Cinema 4d, Rhino, and ZBrush to work out the sculptural details virtually. I will show some examples in the relevant forums.
Hello Hermes! Welcome to the forum. We'll know who to come to now for chemical questions. :giggle:
My other main interests are classical music...

So perhaps we'll now have another participant on the "What are you listening to?" thread posting classical music recordings.