Hello from Iceland.


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Hello. I am living in Iceland, about 24 years now, though I grew up in the Netherlands.
We live very rural here, on a farm, keeping sheep, horses, several dogs, and a cat.
I have drawn all my life, but not very "serious". About two years ago I decided to pick up this hobby, and try to in instead of just doodling around to make completed works that would be more or less fit to hang on a wall. Started out with graphite, charcoal, even some silverpoint, a bit of pen and ink, concentrating on developing a better sense of value. But this spring I decided it was time for color, so I have been trying my hand at watercolor, and I like it very much, both traditional, and combined with ink.
Been browsing this site a bit already, and it looks like a nice crowd here. Oh yeah, I also tried wetcanvas, less than a year now, and gave up. Luckily a friendly guy send me a pm there pointing me at this forum, this looks, and works way better...
Welcome. I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say I look forward to seeing your work, doodles and otherwise 👍 It is friendly. Enjoy sharing.

Btw, Nice intro. I was too lazy, or something, to do one.
Hello there EJH! Welcome to the forums. It's great to meet you. Iceland is so beautiful (I've seen pictures). I hope you find this place fun and helpful, and hope you make some new friends along the way too. :)
E.J.H. Lovely intro, good to meet you. Iceland is a country I'm looking forward to seeing. I know there were art residencies held there and the photos were glorious, you live in a very inspiring landscape
Welcome to the board E.J.H. Make yourself at home and do share your works with us. You'll find a friendly bunch here.
Welcome! You will find this a friendly place, I am sure. Look forward to seeing your work!
I have visited Iceland and it is a fascinating place!
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*Takes a look around* Hey, you're right, it is pretty beautiful!

Sorry KreativeK, I couldn't resist😉. Of course you're right, and it's one of the reasons I fel in love with the place when I moved here on a year contract 25 years ago. And also one of the reasons I am still here.

Where do you hail from?
Cool (altough, I imagine kinda hot actually). I take it the nature there is desert like? In my minds eye I see a cliché cowboy movie scene...