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Joined a couple of weeks ago and just now got around posting. Been a big fan of Carol's work for some time. I have attached a couple of images representative of the main type of work I have been doing for the past 4 years. The white background you see is the *wall they are hanging on*, ***not*** negative space enclosed inside a rectangular canvas. These are wooden panels cut into "people shapes" with a laser cutter, then painted with acrylics. They stand off from the wall about an inch due to the bracing I have to put on the back of each one to keep the birch plywood from warping.

A. M. (Marie) Schaer


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Thanks for posting schaer, I had already gone to your website this morning and it is very interesting. I liked all the different "leg" works. :giggle:
And welcome to the forum!
Excellent work schaer. Very unique and original! :) Keep em coming.

I am curious about what software platfrom you are running this on--would like to set up something similar for a local artist's group here in Houston.

A. M. Schaer