Hello Everyone!



I live around Munich, Germany and originally come from the eastern part of Europe. I moved to Germany in 2004 for a PhD in the electronic field, right after finishing my study in the university in my home-country and by having the plan to go back home as soon as I finalise the dissertation. However the life changed completely my traiectory. So, I am currently working as an engineer and trying to (learn to) paint whenever the time and kids allow me (unfortunately not so often as I wish). My main goals are to enjoy making art and to improve my skills in oil pastels, acrylics and oils (although I haven't had the chance in my life to paint much in the last 2 mediums). Therefore, I am grateful to find here your warm community where I hope to successfully integrate myself. I will try to post few (I don't have anyway many) of my work here and hope to get constructive criticism from you.

Welcome to Creative Spark, Oana! We're happy to have you join us. I'm happy to read that you work with oil pastels, as well as acrylics and oils. I'm a fan of oil pastels myself.

I look forward to seeing your work. Have fun!
Hi Oana,

welcome here.
I live also in Munich and like you I am trying to work, raise children and paint at the same time 😆
I mainly paint in watercolors, that is the fastest medium and no kids can stick to it and sometimes in soft pastels.
Hope to see some paintings from you.
Welcome, Oana! I have fond memories of many visits to Munich over the years, one of which coincided with the Oktoberfest. The memories of that particular visit are a bit dim.
Welcome to the site, Oana. It's great to have you here and hear a little bit about you. I'm looking forward to getting to know more and seeing your work. Make yourself at home and thanks for joining us! :)
Dear Kreativek, Terri, Lazarus, ColorEnthusiast, JessieNebulous, Hermes2020, Jo Castillo and Artycsar, I thank you all for your warm welcome.

Terri, I am glad to see that you enjoy the oil pastels too. If you use the right ones, it can be a real joy to play with them.

ColorEnthusiast, it is nice to find here people who are leaving in the nearhood. I don't know how to control the watercolors, so that I will go for sure to find your work. The compromise I found to paint something around children was to use the oil pastels, although 3 years ago I knew nothing about them.

Hermes, there is such a pity not to have anything now. Hopefully, we will go back to a kind of normal life.

Artyczar, thanks a lot for your kind words.