Held by Sheer Willingness


If I have posted these before, like especially in WC, please forgive me.

This one is 20 x 20 inches, oil on linen.

Talk about bending over backwards .. leaves the mind just wondering .. that is a good thing in art. Find myself waiting for a face to appear in the tunnel. This has hook. Nice work.
Well even I can see that this 3-legged person is leaning over forward. The two little strands of willingness seem fragile though. Well done Arty.
Thank you Sno and Wayne...hey, I just realized that Enyaw is Wayne with the letters switched around! :oops: Duh!
I immediately assumed it was the red "ball" being held by sheer willingness, but in fact it could all be being held like that. It reminds me of something I did in clay. And it makes me want to unlock the imagination again and just go with it.
I'm not really sure what exactly is being held by sheer willingness either, but I think it's all of it, only because it can't be those little sticks. I think the main subject of this is about fragility and strength at the same time. A self-portrait, if you will. ;)