Happy 4th!


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Happy Independence Day to all members who live in the United States of America. Since the Chinese Virus has us all locked down, I'm doing some painting this afternoon. I DO get an opportunity to get my morning walk of 3 miles, and often a 4 mile bicycle ride. Just walked today. It's 108 degrees right now in Glendale, AZ, and my pool looks quite inviting, so we may take a dip sometime this afternoon, when the shadow of the house falls across the pool. Have a great day, y'all!
I took this back in my street photography dayz when they were setting up for 4th of July at Gas Works Park, Seattle. seemed kinda symbolic of the times to me.
Our little borough and every other little borough celebrate the 4th like there's no tomorrow. Parades, bands in the park centers, games, just a lot of fun socializing. This year, nada, because of the coronavirus. It was pretty sad. However, it was much better than Easter, which was so quiet that it sent me into a spiral of sadness. Walking yesterday, there were many families celebrating, able to mingle more. I am required by my governor to wear a mask any time I walk out of my door, but I don't. I walk my dog as a total rebel, maskless.
Happy 5th everyone! ;)
Alas I don't drink, but enjoy yours!
O wait -- you mean the 5th as in date? I'll certainly celebrate that, it's my first grand-dog's 10th birthday today. Here he is enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation today, and I can totally sympathize with his desire for a bit of peace in the shade, since now he and I are about the same age (counting his in dog years):