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I love Monet and his garden, too!
1597323236320_lake 19.06.jpg
20 x20 oil on canvas. I appreciate your c and c and thanks for looking! Got a little confuddled uploading, as used a tablet, so hope it works!
Gorgeous!!!! Love those colors in the sky that reflect in the water, and those beautiful weeping willows. I think my favorite bits are those blues in the lilyponds that become the more brilliant color in the overall piece. Wonderful painting. Really well done. What a beautiful place.
Thank you snoball, much appreciated!
Well, the shows great minds think alike! Thank you, kindly!
Thank you so much Arty! You are most kind.
Thank you Maybeanartist - I love painting willows!
Well, CZart that makes me happy!
I really like it and the reflections are very well done which I always think are hard to do.
Thanks Patrick for your comments - very helpful!
Thanks you very much Katie - I love doing reflections - not sure why!
Thank you kindly joe1lt for taking the time to comment!