Girl, parrot, old man



This one went through many changes. I can’t even remember when I started it. I hope to let it be now…
It’s acrylics on loose canvas, around 14”X11”

Beautiful. The woman's face is brilliant. I love how the old man and the background is so defused. Intelligent and stunning.
The lighting on the girl is super and I like that the old man is almost unreadable. Great work! (y) ❤️
Subtle, sensitive and exceptional!

With "diffused" and "almost unreadable" i am reminded of a painting on the cover of a Malamud novel. You may know it.
Another beauty, Nufocus.
Beautiful girl, beautiful feeling of quiet pleasure all around.
The old man and the background represent the past where this kind of beauty once physically existed, and also the future, where this beauty will be.
Great painting. Good that you stopped working on it I think.
I vaguely remember a saying, you never finish a painting, you abandon it, or something along those lines?
It looks very finished now with the frame around it. Funny how just a simple frame can improve a painting, making it look more polished.