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I just realized I had this. Done about a month ago, this is a gazebo and yard of a nearby facility. The kids/frisbee were added to add interest since I entered it in a plein air competition.

2021-08-14 13.09.01.jpg
So nice to see your work again, ntl! You have captured a happy, playful scene. :) Love it.
Really nice country image. I particularly like the way you handled the wood texture on the fence.

Thank you all so very much! Your comments are so encouraging!
Wayne, Arty, Moscatel, it was a lovely warm, sunny day, I had shade the entire time!
Terri, Joan, Joe1lt, this was a challenge, I haven't done plein air for a while. Without the kids/frisbee, it was just kind of blah!
Joe, eyepaint, Jo, That fence was a fiend! Every time I looked at it it seemed to have more age and weathering, more splits...
Thanks, All!