Galaxy (And Tutorial!)


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I did this galaxy drawing, and also made a video tutorial of how to do it on my YouTube channel. My other hobby is standup comedy, so I'm trying to sprinkle my videos with humor. It'll take a little while to find the balance between art and humor while remaining informative, but I think I'll get there. Any views or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Combination of Black Widow and Chromaflow pencils on black Canson paper, with white gel pen for stars.
Excellent video Jessie! I learned a lot, and I watched all the way through! I will go back and like it (I wasn't signed in because I look at the forum on a different browser than my Google Chrome.)
Cool video, Jessie, and we even get to see the precious Pixie! You do such nice work with blending colors and the finished nebula is beautiful!