FYI plein aire events Indiana


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August 13, 2022, Danville, IN, a bit west of Indianapolis.
For some info,
I did it last year, a first time ever, and fully enjoyed it (got a prize, too! :) Many paintings were apparently of the town itself--I'm new here, not in THAT town, and so unfamiliar with it. Street scenes, one an intersection w/traffic light, some individual business or residential buildings, a few landscapes. I think the town square was closed to vehicles due to a farmer's market until noon.
If you're nearby, or coming to the area, consider it.

I see Zionsville has theirs the same day. Zionsville is north of Indy.
MEA CULPA----Zionsville info was for LAST YEAR, NOT 2022. I didn't find this year's info yet, and Carmel, nearby, has one, also no info yet. SO sorry.