From Life: Banana


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Banana, ~4x6" oil on Canson oil paper. Crits and comments welcome. Thanks for looking :)

2021-06-09 18.13.14.jpg
Nice one. first impression when I saw this was that it was a comment on the U.S. turning into a banana republic.
Lain, thanks!

Bongo, thanks to you, too. I can see how one might think that, but that was not in my mind at the time...
I like this one more than the "Fruit" one and I didn't think I would because I love that one too! ❤️
Really nice one, very truly rendered.
It looks like that banana is just at the right degree of ripeness for best flavor for my tastes.

I am sort of like Bongo when I first saw this as I thought maybe the flag stars were intended for the blank space above the nana, otherwise I felt like the cloth should be red and white checkers like in many home kitchens and Italian restaurants of too long ago.

Like it.
Thanks, Trier.
It was good--I ate it with cream shortly after!
I thought checkerboard would have been too much.
I like your brushwork, direct and not fussy. When painting from life, look real hard for light source color and direction and for reflected light color, then look hard some more. For instance, the table may have some warm yellow tones (reflected light) from the banana and the banana may have some reds from the tablecloth.
Remember “paint what you see, rather than what you think you see”
Remember “paint what you see, rather than what you think you see”
Wise words. I like to look up the checkerboard illusion now and again to remind me how much those two can differ, and that's "just" tonal value...

Tasty looking banana btw!
Mr. Barrie, You have given m a few very helpful suggestions, and now, these, too. Thank you very much. I did go back and make a few adjustments, I'll check again!

E.J.H., You're right! And thanks.:)

Joe1lt, thanks. :)