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This one took me a long time as I kept changing it. It has some texture, though maybe that doesn't show in the photo.
Way outside my comfort zone! so any advice appreciated.
C&C of any type welcome.


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Beautiful! I love how it is a dreamy nature feeling. Kind of like autumn with blooming flower pedals and the spirit of the wind blowing through it. Wonderful! You nailed a very successful painting! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Really like this one. For some reason it summons a feeling of migration in me.
Gorgeous, Susan !

I see a black stick figure running to the left; I hate to be so dense, but did you intend that Susan?
Oh I love to hear all of your interpretations!
Trier - I'm the one who's dense. I see the black stick figure now, but I didn't see it while painting it. Especially since I actually painted it the other way around, that is, upside down. After I finished it I tried it all 4 ways and liked this way the best.
EJH - as to migration, how interesting. I thought of it as a pathway that someone or somethings were following, so I guess that could very well be a migration.
Nu - Yes, this one is way outside the box for me, but I had fun doing it. I have some new bar scenes but I'm not sure how cool they are. Thanks for the kind words.