Flowers On A Table [3]



this is 11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima ..
... actually this is the 3rd attempt and I may go more
I'm sure it can be improved upon so if you have it, I'm watching and reading ...
below are the three pieces ..
I like this one, it has yellow and white highlights, good contrast. The other two lack that. Interesting that you put in a roll of paper towels. ;)
Concerning the first version ( larger image): To me, the light is convincingly coming from the right and seems to be natural sunlight from a window. The wall? behind seems to be very close to the edge of the table. Perhaps smaller strokes on there would help it to recede, or if that is not intended, then some relected light from the table indicating the table is next to the wall.
I would show part of a window on the right with the high value color from outside. This would break up the large violet area giving the eye another place to go around.
Another great one. My favorite is the one before with the up and down background, but this is a close second. Well done again. You are so great with the knife work, but you've heard that before. ;)
Thank you Zen. Paper towels .. they just happened to be on my paint table. Then I found them to be a good right side lead in.

Thank you Patrick .. noted. Though I won't carry out your plan I will used the template of added compositional elements to keep the eye moving around. Thank you for you time. Very good suggestion.

Thank you Arty .. moved off that wall but do like the position of the the elements in the second composition so I'm inclined to keep the second composition but add a few elements..

Thank you ..gone to work on the new version .. entertaining some ideas as I type. Further corrective measures are still welcome but will miss the next edition. :sleep: I'll try to be quiet.
Not going to make any suggestions. Just going to say I like this third version best.
thank you Queen and Perry .. they are a progression so that is good to hear .. one should get better ..
I like your 3rd too. I like the bright yellow light in the paper towel and the flowers which gives the painting a real glow!
Number three for me too but each one has its merits. You’re probably already working on number four!
Number 3 looks great. 😀

To me the light is well done but the light to the left of the vase in the triangle shape closest to the background could be dark and not light, my 2 cents worth anyway.
I like your technique so much. I like them all. I like the dark with pink, too. Looks like it has a lamp on it at night.
Wayne, see how the painting progresses by doing several in series. I like the light on this and the strokes (brush/knife) which by knowing you probably is knife. (y) Beautiful work in all of them!
Thank you Vivien
Thank you Donna .. yes, 4 and 5
Thank you Shane. Yes, could be darker.
Thanks Jo .. yes .. a light box in a dark room with the flap blocking most light
Thanks Moscatel .. yes mostly knife