Flowers and A Lamp On a Table



11 x 14 Alla Prima oil on paper .
I like this Wayne. I like the reflections of light and the distortion through the glass. Wonderful colorful flowers, again catching the light.

Good reflections of the vase and lamp in the table top.
I like the palette: greens and violets. I don't know about the lamp. It might confuse me (though I am easily confused). I can't see depth perspective sometimes and can't see where it sits very well juxtaposed with the vase of flowers in this particular painting.
right .. I grayed it over abundantly .. dang me, otta take a rope and hang me. :)
I love this. I would like to see a brighter highlight on the lampshade to define it but I love the vibrant flowers.❤️❤️❤️
I like your adjustment. The lamp reads better now. To me the vase is the star of this show.
I like the colours and the brush/knife work. The vase of flowers is the star - for me, the lamp is a distraction because your comp is two similar shapes, similar size. Just my opinion of course - it's your painting! :)
Much better with the adjustments on the vase, it was almost reading as a shadow of the vase and beautiful flowers. Super, now.
Thank you moscatel, Maureen, and Jo

Dang right Maureen... all I do is studies so this one will go to the sin bin. It has some nice passages but not a whole and I will do another before I toss this one.