Fishing Shack .. Lark Harbour, Nfld



11 x 14 Oil on Paper .. Alla Prima .. Brush/Knife .. Painted 24/11/21
Oh, yes! Love the warm colors in this one, Wayne. The sun on the side of the building looks great. Beautiful. ❤
Once again this brings back fond memories from a couple trips to Newfoundland and the little fishing villages. So very scenic and you have captured it beautifully with wonderful use of light effect and super colour gradations. Very nice Wayne.
Thank you Terri, John, and Sno.

Sno, it was one of them old creat cutouts like the cowboy or dog. That one I think was supposed to be an eagle done in Native style. Flat wood nailed to the shack.
Great colors and comp Wayne.
Glad you explained the shape on the wall . . it looked like a man ran right through the wall and left his outline punched out, like in a cartoon. Can't 'unsee' it.
Nice scene Wayne. I like the light on the one wall. It makes me think of sunrise.
Good one. I had the same question as sno, but you answered it already thanks. This is great otherwise. I was just distracted with that one thing. :)
Goodbye eagle on the wall. Wonderful light and rustic character in this one. It’s a good thing you get along with the board so well, Wayne.
Thanks you Donna. I have to: the board is me, myself, and I and when we are in compliance we are fine. 😂