Enyaw's boat painting inspired me to post this. I don't know why I'm posting it, because I did this when I was just a kid. It's a 30 x 40 inch watercolor with some crayon. It's funny to look at now.

Thanks guys! I feel like it's pretty silly now. Hermes, I had no idea who Gauguin was at that age, but I may had seen his work. Maybe it was subconscious?
everything is silly or stupid when you change consciousness. I'd say age but some people just grow old.
Thank you very much moscatel. I really appreciate it. It's so old, I don't think about anything technically "good" about it. So, I thank you for seeing it.
I'm really drawn to the shapes here, I keep squinting and looking and I find it a really appealing painting, I like the colours as well
I don't know why you think it is funny to look at. It is a wonderful work, regardless of age or medium. (y)